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Year 13 - so, you're back for more?

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The 2 in A2 Media actually acts as a multiplier, the course is effectively twice as hard and twice the workload.  You will be challenged deeper, pushed harder and pass your driving test!  But you knew that - now focus...

The course will expect stronger practical skills and deeper understanding of theoretical concepts.  See the tabs on the left for what I mean or watch an amusing powerpoint below which addresses some of the regulatory issues going on in the media.  A range of work for unit G325 will appear at the start of 2012 in preparation for the exam, as will materials used in WJEC's MS4.

Whatever practical unit that you did in Year 12, you would have had to conisder issues of censorship or regulation in your research.  Making a magazine for a specific audience whilst adhering to standards of decency, producing articles that didn't incite hatred or stir racial tension; or perhaps you wanted to make a film that had someone kicking a dog or making a baby cry; or you designed a website and used copyrighted material.  The list could go on, and as today's type of Media student it's possible that you may have dowloaded illegal software and shared files.

This presentation below, which was distributed at a recent Media conference, was presented by Richard Berger, a practioner from Bournemeouth University's Centre of Excellence in Media Practice.  Look at some of the issues covered in today's media world.

Now scroll through the tabs on the left to look at the other Media issues and debates:

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