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GCSE Media studies raises awareness about much of the media that surrounds us in every day life. 

It also introduces you to the concept of media literacy: learning to interpret and produce media texts.

  • You will have had opportunity to produce some of your own media texts and thought about some of the issues facing media producers and audiences of today. 


So why do Media at A-level? 

Well, it's all about progression, some media students may feel that they are going over concepts and ideas that they already know, but at A level this is at a more advanced level where theoretical concepts should be applied and challenged. 

The standards of production will be higher and you must have a secure and confident grasp of the media key concepts.  A-level Media can often be marketed as just a fun subject where you make stuff, but please be aware that if you want to just 'make funky things' and not focus on the theoretical side in traditional forms of academic assessment, then perhaps alternate a Level 2 course or appreticeship is a more suitable equivalent.  Speak to a careers advisor at your school or visit these helpful online sites:





Careers Guidance Post-16

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