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Year 12 - You've chosen the course, now get me that damn camera, I want to be a star!

Most teachers will induct you into the language of Media Studies, including introducing the key concepts and common media terms.  Once you've spent a couple of weeks learning this media terminology, you'll slowly begin applying your own tools of analysis towards media texts.

media studies AS - taken from flowtv.org

Often, you will begin your media coursework after several weeks and the teacher feels that you are ready to begin the practical production.  My best piece of advice to you is to be organised and disciplined, if you are filming then you will lose daylight after October half term.  The practical should be the most enjoyable element of the course, but this does not make it easy.  Most coursework is worth up to 50% of your final grade and you don't even have to complete it in an exam hall.

Make the most of this year, your performance across all A-levels will determine whether or not you progress to Year 13, so use the tabs on the left to explore and remember what it is you've to prepare for in the exam.  If you can't find what you're looking for on the site, then make use of the custom search bar below which can search this site and also the whole web, displaying it in the same window:

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