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A good media student is one who looks at one resource given to him/her and then seeks to find others which support or oppose this source.

The original remit of the BBC was to inform, educate and entertain.  What's changed and how does the BBC find new ways to do this?  Media is no longer something you can choose to avoid, and in the news and through other forms of advertising, we are seeing how media organisations are affecting governments and other media industries in the public eye.  The BBC continually comes under attack from the likes of Murdoch and other media organisations, protesting at their full share of the licence fee.  Google and Facebook are in the news regarding copyright or privacy or censorship, newspapers regularly enforce or oppose popular ideogies and dominant hegemony, illustrating some of the many effects theories. Whevenever you open a newspaper, play a video game or watch a TV programme, there is a case study to be had.

The video below shows Rupert Murdoch talking about the destruction of traditional media platforms.  Watch this, look at the similar videos from other channels and consider the issues that Murdoch raises in this 3 minute excerpt.  Note the date Feb 2008 - what has Murdoch done in two years?

  • Here's a clue, he's begun charging subscription fees for his online newspapers. 

  • He's threatening to sue the search engines for copyright violation (seen any Fox content on Youtube recently?) and trying to destroy the competition by using his influence (as usual). 

  • A good debate to have in class is to see whether Murdoch has improved mass media consumption.  Create a list of all his business interests; yes he is controlling but without him we'd be short of some good quality TV, Film and books.  This can be the start of a case study.

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You should also search the Guardian and Independent newspapers sites online.

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