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Keeping up to date is what being a good Media student is all about.

GadgetHub, click here

In 2010 we have already seen 3D TV in pubs and Sony's version for the home, the battle of the smartphones with the Apple vs HTC, the ipad vs the world and new developments in software.

As wannabe producers you need to have your finger on the pulse in this ever changing Media landscape.  Below are a few examples of the ridiculous media inventions that have come about in the past, and ones which people are more sceptible about in the future.

gadget show

In written responses, especially at A2, it is expected that you will be able to predict future trends within media industries, especially when considering changes in production, distribution, marketing and exhibition of media.  Remind yourself of how quickly social media has changed peoples user habits of mobile phone devices and how services like iplayer affect the way more traditional media is consumed.  Now think ahead to 3D TV in the home and other technological convergence, like mobile web access.  See the interesting video below, how accurate do you think these predictions are?


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