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You need to be aware of upcoming films, music and technologies.

Here are some useful starting posts for case studies or just to keep upto date with the latest knowledge about what's going on across the different media platforms:


apple trailers

Film trailers - watch them on your ipod or in HD, America has the trailers, way before they hit the UK.


Film News good for keeping an eye on UK releases.

 UK Music News - has news...about music.


Print and audience figures/developments 

Audit Bureau Circulation figures for Print media - find out how many copies of your favourite red top or broadsheet are being read. 

or the NRS (National Readership Survey) for magazines

Check out www.barb.org for the latest TV figures.

Tech Radar 

 New Technology releases - for anything to do with phones, gadgets, software and hardware.  Good reviews, impartial advice and articles.

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